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I had a problem in my web-server vps.
I make daily compressed backups from my data and transferred them to another vps using tar and rsyc. I noticed high cpu usage nad load above 1.
After a little research i found this useful article and i will write here to find it easily:

“Anyone running a web server will either use a RAID for information protection, or will run a cron job that backups all the data daily

If you are running a budget server like mine, then most likely you’ll be doing daily backups. At 4 am everyday a backup process runs and stores a dump of the SQL and gzip of all the web folders including the SVN repository on a separate harddrive, which gets unmounted after the backup is done. The process takes around 2 hours to complete, during which the hard drives are all stressed and if the backup scripts were not carefully written they will hog any apache request due to slow disk access.