Fail2ban filter and ban DFind scans (

Posted: 14/02/2012 in Fail2ban
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Some websites are still being hit with the infamous “w00tw00t” scans. You might see these scans in your logs as:

... "GET / HTTP/1.1" 400 ...

I use fail2ban to get rid of these

pico /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/apache-w00tw00t.conf

# Get rid of w00tw00t scans
# Option: failregex
# Notes.: regex to match the w00tw00t scan messages in the logfile.
# Values: TEXT
failregex = ^.*\[client \].*w00tw00t\.at\.ISC\.SANS\.DFind.*
# Option: ignoreregex
# Notes.: regex to ignore. If this regex matches, the line is ignored.
# Values: TEXT
ignoreregex =

pico /etc/fail2ban/jail.local

enabled = true
filter = apache-w00tw00t
action = iptables-allports
logpath = /var/log/apache*/*error.log
maxretry = 1

Then restart fail2ban

/etc/init.d/fail2ban restart

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks! Very helpful. I got hit with a load of these.

  2. […] like fail2ban to monitor your logs and then firewall off the offenders IP address, and there are filters out there to do […]

  3. Purrifius says:

    Client isn’t known (anymore)
    Update it to : failregex = ^ .*”GET /*?”
    and all will work fine again.

  4. Purrifius says:

    Disregard the above one.
    This should be the correct failregex for it to work fine :

    failregex = ^.*\[client \].*w00tw00t\.at\.ISC\.SANS\.DFind.*

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