Open multiple gnome-terminal tabs and execute commands

Posted: 08/02/2012 in Shell tips

I wanted to make a shell script to open a gnome-terminal window with 4 tabs.
The first tab will have title LOCAL and i will work on it on my machine, and the other three will auto connect with ssh to my vps’s and have initial titles.
After some google research i found the solution:

gnome-terminal --tab --title=LOCAL --tab -e "ssh -p 12345" --title=SERVER1 --tab -e "ssh -p 12345" --title=SERVER2 --tab -e "ssh -p 12345" --title=SERVER3

You can use it as a simple shell script or make a desktop shortcut for this.
To prepend title tabs edit your profile in gnome terminal and in the dialog: “When terminal commands set their own titles:” select “Prepend initial title”


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