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This is a simple tutorial on how to get internet access in a chroot environment.

The requirements are:
Your chroot will be running under a main OS, which is already connected to the internet.
You already have mounted the disk to chroot to. (more…)


A good answer to the above question that i found on this forum
Keepalive keeps the current TCP/IP connection open for awhile after the HTTP transaction ends, allowing that same connection to be used for several subsequent HTTP transactions. So it reduces latency, and speeds up both the client and server connections. (more…)

Some websites are still being hit with the infamous “w00tw00t” scans. You might see these scans in your logs as:

... "GET / HTTP/1.1" 400 ...

I use fail2ban to get rid of these (more…)

I use fail2ban on my servers to ban IP addresses that show malicious signs for a specified amount of time.
Here is my setup on Debian squeeze: (more…)

I wanted to make a shell script to open a gnome-terminal window with 4 tabs.
The first tab will have title LOCAL and i will work on it on my machine, and the other three will auto connect with ssh to my vps’s and have initial titles. (more…)

If you use Debian and you want to edit your sources.list for your release you can use the
Debian Sources List Generator from Jonhnatha Trigueiro

Hello world!

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Welcome to my first blog. Here i will post Linux related stuff and some thoughts.
Most of them will be re-posts from other websites – blogs.
I just collect theme here because i use them most of the time and i wanted to have them online somewhere.
Hope you enjoy your stay and find useful things